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freebie n : something that is free (usually provided as part of a promotional scheme); "the road map was a freebie" [syn: freebee]

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  1. something which is free; a giveaway or handout
    I didn't buy a thing, but they were handing out some neat freebies and samples.


something which is free

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A free sample or freebie is a portion of food or other product which is given out in shopping malls, grocery stores, and other venues. Sometimes samples of non-perishable items are included in direct marketing mailings. The purpose of a free sample is to acquaint the consumer with a new product.
The concept of a free sample is not unlike that of a test drive, in that a customer is able to try out a product before purchasing it.


freebie in Portuguese: Amostra grátis

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charitable, complimentariness, complimentary, costless, costlessness, eleemosynary, expenseless, expenselessness, for free, for love, for nothing, free, free as air, free for nothing, free gratis, free of charge, free of cost, free ride, freeness, gift, giftlike, given, gratis, gratuitous, gratuitousness, gratuity, labor of love, no charge, on the house, unbought, unpaid-for, untaxed, without charge
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